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Milford Dance Academy - Dance Lessons | Milford, MI

"Be the Star we know you are"

4 Addicted To Love_BBB9234 4 Assist Photo_BBB8613 4 Blame It On The Boogie_BBB8748 4 Crazy In Love_BBB8918 IMG_0113 4 I Will Wait_BBB9126 4 Like This_BBB9295 4 Livin' In America_BBB9027 4 Shut Up & Dance_BBB8787 4 Student Of The Year_BBB8962 MILFORD DANCE STUDIO 4 Who'll Stop The Rain_BBB8886 IMG_1542 IMG_1514 IMG_1499 IMG_1475 IMG_1472 4When will my life begin_BBB5296 4 Dare To Trust_BBB9365 4 Senior Photo3_BBB8623 4 Goodnight Saigon_BBB9216 4 Sound Off!_BBB9358 4 The Days_BBB9185 4Assistant photo fun_BBB5258 IMG_1548 IMG_4631 IMG_5245 IMG_4487 4 Swing Break_BBB9260 4Student of the year_BBB5346 4All That Jazz_BBB4708 5x7Lets Be Bad_DDD0192 5x7Send my love_DDD0014 5x7Student of the Year_DDD9594 4Title Winners_BBB5134 IMG_1510 IMG_2811 IMG_2893 IMG_1474 IMG_1524